RC LED Dimmer

RC LED Dimmer

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RC LED Dimmer


  • 1 output that can be controlled via the RC system. Brightness adjustable from off to full brightness.

  • Light bulbs or LEDs both possible

  • negligibly low self-consumption

  • max possible output current 2 A

  • Controllable connection voltage of the module up to 20 volts

  • Measures 26mm x 11mm x 5mm

  • Weight 7 g with cables

The module is supplied via a proportional RC channel of the system. So it's best to use a rotary knob or a slider.
This allows the brightness of the connected LEDs to be set from off to full brightness.
Each time the system is started, the brightness of the LEDs is always the same as before it was switched off.
The LEDs must be connected with series resistors adapted to the operating voltage. Series connections or several strands in parallel are possible.
Constant current sources for LEDs must not be used.

Of course quality "Made in Germany"


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