ASX24-Crawler Plug and Play for Axial SCX24 Trucks

ASX24-Crawler Plug and Play for Axial SCX24 Trucks

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Completely new development especially for small crawlers. Even smaller, even lighter, extremely sensitive software! Full torque even in the lower speed ranges perfect for climbing. 

Plug and play version of our ASX24 controller with all plugs fully assembled for Axial SCX24 Trucks. Works well with the older RC system with Chanel 2 output on the RC box in the vehicle. Of course, also with RC systems that do not originally belong to the vehicle. Plugs for the battery, motor and RC are suitably mounted on the controller.
Simply plug in and have fun.

This controller is designed exclusively for brushed motors, it will not work with BL motors.

  • Setup function. The controller is delivered pre-set so that it works the same with all standard RC systems. For special RC systems or for fine tuning, the controller can be set exactly to each system using the setup function.
  • 5-9 cells / 2-3 S Lipo ( Limited to 3.3V per cell when Lipo monitoring is switched on)
  • Automatic cell number detection in Lipo mode (at approx. 3.3 volts per cell, the maximum output is limited to 25% and the controller signals that the battery is empty by jerking the motor. Driving back is still possible) Lipo mode can be switched on / off
  • Current max 8 A continuous; 10A momentarily BEC to 9 cells / 3s Lipo. 2A / 5V
  • 50% reversing limitation adjustable via setup Delivery condition 100% forwards / backwards
  • Overtemperature monitoring, if the controller gets too hot, it regulates back to max. 25% power.
  • Full HF 18 kHz output stage over the entire control range, NO motor whistling and extremely sensitive control
  • Motor-friendly polarity reversal through speed-dependent polarity reversal time with brake. (In the lower speed range, the polarity is reversed immediately. At high speeds, the controller brakes the motor beforehand, so that the batteries and motor are protected from high current peaks.)
  • Handbrake function. When the throttle lever is at 0, the vehicle is braked, then the handbrake is pulled.
  • Engine acknowledgment (connect to the battery for setting in setup mode and for the OK message)
  • Start-up protection (The controller only goes into operation when the throttle stick is set to 0. This rules out accidental start-up of the motor) If there is no RC signal, the vehicle stops.
  • Super-sensitive control behavior (high direct 10-bit evaluation system)
  • 0.5 mm≤ highly flexible connection cable with silicone sheath
  • Dimensions 21 x 25 x 5mm Weight 9 g weighed with cable.
  • Of course quality "Made in Germany"
  • You can find the instructions in the download area of ​​our homepage

            The 1 EUR piece shown in the picture is used to show the size of the product and is not included in the scope of delivery.

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