AS12/40RW Full HF EASY - Lipo

AS12/40RW Full HF EASY - Lipo

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AS12/40RW Full HF EASY - Lipo
Moderate ESC with back/forward and EASY technology. EASY means you don't have to setup the ESC to your radio.

  • 5-12 cells / 6 o 12 V lead / 2-3 S Lipo
  • automatic Lipo-detection
  • 40 A constant; 60 A briefly
  • BEC up to 12 cells and 2A
  • Lipo-protection on/off
  • backward limited to 50% speed for more realism and control
  • overtemperature protection: if ESC heats up to much the power will be limited to 25%
  • high frequency ESC with 18 kHz, without noise from the motor and really smooth controlling
  • intelligent commutate: an algorithm calculates the perfect time to protect your ESC and the motor from current peaks
  • perfect Failsafe: the ESC is constantly checking the RC-signal for errors
  • power-on guard: the ESC won't start till recieving a valid signal from the reciever
  • super flexible silicon cables 2,5mm²
  • size 47 x 37 x 9 mm
  • weight 40 g



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