DIY kit LipoSaver

DIY kit LipoSaver
DIY kit LipoSaver

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DIY kit LipoSaver

Small and lightweight modul to monitor your cells as DoItYourself-kit!
Works perfect with raceboat and back/forward-ESCs.

The DIY-kit contains all necesary parts, included the programed Tiny44 processor.
To mount it you just need a solder iron and a bit of tin-solder.


  • DIY-kit with manual 
  • includes ALL needed parts to mount the LipoSaver: PCB, electronic parts, servocable, processor, ... 
  • 2 - 6 cells, automatic count
  • cut-off voltaje adjustable between 3,0V and 3,6V
  • 6 LEDs show which cell caused the cut-off and which whould be next
  • remaining power after cut-off programable between 20 y 60%
  • two extra output for LEDs or buzzer: "everything OK" and "cut-off active"
  • very easy to handle and program
  • shipped with two different connectors: "Kokam" and standard 2,54mm pins
  • size 33 x 44 x 11mm, 16g
  • conector Graupner