AS16-100 BEC Lipo HF

AS16-100 BEC Lipo HF

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nearly indistructable raceboat ESC for 500/600/700, Plettenberg or Ultra motors

High frequency version without any noise from the motor for Jet-boats or
Voith Schneider.

This is a raceboat ESC without break or reverse!

  • 6-16 or 6-18 cells / 6 o 12 V lead / 2-4 S Lipo (without BEC up to 20 cells or 6s Lipo)
  • automatic Lipo detection (cut of at 3,3V per cell)
  • 100 A constant; 120 A briefly
  • BEC up to 16 cells or 4s Lipo
  • Lipo-protection on / off
  • frequency 18 kHz
  • perfect Failsafe: the ESC is constantly checking the RC-signal for errors
  • power-on guard: the ESC won't start till recieving a valid signal from the reciever
  • super flexible silicon cable 2,5 o 4mm˛
  • size 55 x 21 x 12 mm
  • weight 40 g

This Product was added to our catalogue on 25/07/2013.

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