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Small ESC with back/forward and EASY technology. EASY means you don't have to setup the ESC to your radio.

  • 5-12 cells / 6 o 12 V lead / 2-3 S Lipo (without Lipo-protection)
  • 15 A constant; 20 A briefly
  • BEC up to 12 cells and 1A
  • high frequency ESC with 18 kHz, without noise from the motor and really smooth controlling
  • intelligent commutate: an algorithm calculates the perfect time to protect your ESC and the motor from current peaks
  • perfect Failsafe: the ESC is constantly checking the RC-signal for errors
  • power-on guard: the ESC won't start till recieving a valid signal from the reciever
  • super flexible silicon cables 1,0mm˛
  • size 31 x 26 x 7 mm
  • weight 25 g



Customer reviews:

Author: Daniel S. am 30/03/2022
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


Fitted two in different 1/24 crawlers and it's difficult to find something better out there.
Low end throttle control is smooth as butter, and the feature that brakes the motor a bit progressively when stopping from high speeds is a life saver for transmissions.
The drag brake is definitely there. SCX24 doesn't need it because its worm gear differentials, but in other rigs with ring and pinion it also worked nicely.
The lack of Lipo Protection is covered with a cheap lipo alarm. The lack of a switch for on/off is there for a reason (make the user unplug the battery and save it effectively), but sometimes a conventional switch could be better (you can add a cheap switch by simply soldering the cables in the way from ESC and battery plug).

The new AS24 gets the 1/24 crawler application covered, but this is still a pretty decent choice.

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Fitted two in different 1/24 crawlers and its difficult to
5 of 5 stars!