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The item prices stated are final, that is, VAT is included. This will be shown separately in the invoice.

We try in your interest to keep the shipping costs as low as possible.
 When ordering, 1-2 controllers and small parts up to a value of 100 EUR we give up the delivery as letter (registered mail). The costs will be calculated by us with 4,50 Eur. The 4,50 Eur calculated from the shipping charge of the post and the shipping carton.

Shipping costs for orders with a value from 100,00 € EUR 7.00 € for shipping within Germany. The shipping of the items is then as a package shipped by DHL.


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Fitted two in different 1/24 crawlers and its difficult to
5 of 5 stars!


01. Truck Profi II

25,95 EUR
excl. Shipping costs

02. suppressor kit

1,80 EUR
excl. Shipping costs

03. AS12/6RW EASY withcables

24,95 EUR
excl. Shipping costs

04. LED Profi 2

21,95 EUR
excl. Shipping costs

05. AS12/35RW TruckEvo III

66,95 EUR
excl. Shipping costs