How does a complaint work with Model-Regler.de? 
If your controller does not do what he should write us via the contact form. Frequently, solve problems, not to send in the controller. If the controller is obvious defect be (smoke, burnt smell, ...) you can also send it directly. It is very important that the controller included with our repair bill. This helps us assign your controller to quickly edit and send back to you again. Please fill the repair bill out as completely as possible, the less we need to test, the cheaper the repair. 

Occasionally it happens that customers return ESCs for repair that are perfectly fine. Normally it was a problem with another component. Please understand that checking this controller does produce work and we have to charge a service fee of 10 € for the check. 

My controller can not be programmed, why?
The red LED is not lit 
If the red LED is not lit, then there is either the jumper or switch on 
Did you check a controller with a jumper. Been correctly fitted and bridge you need to use a screwdriver, and replace the jumper 
For a controller with buttons you make sure that the button is really pressed within the first 3 sec.. 

The red LED lights up, nothing happens further 
If the red LED lights, the controller is in programming mode and waits for remote control signals. The green LED will only light up when the controller is the max. Position has realized. If the green LED is still stick to full throttle not verify address please make sure that is turned on in their remote control servo reverse or a path limitation. 
As our various regulators in the respective programming differ a little, the view in the relevant instructions which can be found in our download area is recommended. 

What is a watchdog?
A watchdog is a part of the processor that prevents the microcontroller from hanging up, you might know it form your PC. If they hang any abnormal influences the processor once the "watchdog" is active and launches the new controller. This occurs very rarely, if ever, but is quite handy as the boat then does not remain on the lake in the middle, but can be quite normally driven. 

What is a start-up protection?
The start-up protection is a part of the controller software, which prevents the battery plug in the engine starts running. After connecting the driving voltage of the joystick on the remote control must initially be set to zero, so that the controller is armed. 

What is a failsafe?
The Failsafe in our controllers detect the loss of reception and switches the controller from immediately to prevent damage to persons and to the model. The function of the failsafe largely depends on the receiver used. Do you have a bad receiver or even a recipient of a hold function has, the controller can not recognize that the radio signal has failed. The use of a good receiver can save their model and prevent damage. 

Why the 50% backward limit?
No boat goes backwards as fast as forwards. In order to have more sensitivity in the scheme in the reverse range, most of our F / B controllers have a programmable reverse limit. This allows you to take full Rückwärtsregelweg and yet achieve only 50% power. Very handy for creating or prototypical driving. 

What variable switching frequency?
The switching frequency of the regulator is crucial for its efficiency, but unfortunately also for its sound. A low switching frequency increases efficiency, is unfortunately also audible. A high switching frequency is not noticeable to the human ear, but the increased power dissipation. In order to find the optimum of both, our F / B controllers operate in the lower speed range with high frequency and are therefore inaudible. Due to the low power throughput at low speed produces hardly any power loss. 
In the higher speed range, if motor shaft and drown the controller long ago, this then switches to lower frequency, so that the power dissipation is further minimized. 

What is a BEC?
BEC advertised Battery Eliminating Circuit is the abbreviation for the generation of the 5V regulator. At low cell numbers and in small boats receiver batteries are often bothersome and unnecessary. In this case, a BEC replace the receiver battery and generate the 5V power supply for the receiver and servos. The BEC is the main producer of heat on a controller and the heat is determined on the number of cells. If your controller therefore be too hot, it is recommended that the number of cells to reduce or eliminate the BEC. 
The BEC draws its power from the drive battery though, but the travel time reduction is very minimal. 

How do I turn off my BEC?
To disable the BEC they need to do is cut the red wire of the power cable. If you want to use the BEC maybe later it is also possible on the servo plug to pull out the red wire. You simply take a small screwdriver, turn the center tab a little and pull out the red wire. The red wire you can plug in pleasure again. IMPORTANT: If you want to drive without BEC and have the red wire pulled you MUST isolate it, eg with a piece of heat shrink tubing or adhesive tape. 

What makes an optocoupler?
An optocoupler isolates the receiver circuit and the power circuit, and transfers the electro-optical receiver signals. This may affect the recipient no interference from the engine. At higher voltages, an optocoupler is strongly recommended. 

Why is there no regulator with optocoupler and BEC?
This is technically not possible because the BEC powers the receiver from the drive battery. 
So you have the choice - BEC or optocoupler - meet. In smaller models with 5 to 16 cells, a BEC recommends, in larger models with 14 to 40 cells is recommended an optocoupler. 

What is a motor saving polarity reversal?
Our forward / backward depending on the speed controller calculates the braking time before the motor is reversed. This conserves battery and motor, as they can take damage in direct reversal and life would be reduced. But so you can still act quickly in both directions at low speed, the braking time depends on the speed, finally the engine needs less speed and less braking time! 


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